My new design “SECRETARY”!!
Why did I name so? Because I felt like making a design for those women who work so hard but also balance out their private life and feel sexy!

No matter how busy my life gets, one thing I don’t wanna forget is “feeling of being a woman”. Painting nails may not change your life, but will definitely help you feel better or different! I changed the shape of my nails this time and now feeling soooooo much different in good way!!!!! Oh, If you go to salon, then don’t forget to get some massage too! 🙂

In last post, I said next design will be a halloween design for my costume but I decided to do one more design since I had 2 more weeks till Happy Halloween!
Are you all ready for Halloween? No pumpkin nails or No ghosty nails! Let’s get something that matches with your costume! Halloween is One of my favorite day of year! Can’t wait!!!!!! 🙂




Cameko’s new design “SAFARI in DREAM”!
2 light purple for this beautiful fall season and animal pattern with highlight of silver polish! A little playful design just before the halloween!

Designs with animal pattern can be indecent or too showy sometimes so I picked purple, white, black and silver colors to add some coolness and used patterns as an accent to create an adult-like sexy design!

I hope you like my design! Next one will be asian taste design for my halloween costume! Keep your eyes on Cameko!

Have a happy thirsty Thursday everyone! 🙂

My Nail Designs “HOUNDSTOOTH”



Hello everyone! Oh my, it’s been a long while since I blogged last time… well life is busy and I just came back from Japan!

Here are my new designs with houndstooth pattern! Houndstooth is one of trendy pattern in North America and so as in Japan!

First one is my vacation nail. I knew that I would wear a red dress on my vacay so decided to match the pattern with red glitters!

Second one is my autumn nail. Simple but not too simple, 2 different color houndstooth with trendy Brown Beige!

It’s a bit sad to day goodbye to summet but different season, different colors to enjoy!

Happy Friday everyone!

My nail artist life!

Happy Friday everyone!

Here is something you can take a look at to kill your time till getting off work! lol

Wear my fashion blog is where you can find so many ideas of fashion without going back and forth from one website to another! And they wrote about Cameko (me)’s nail designer life!

Sending a lot of thanks and love to Linda (wear my fashion blogger) and wishibg their success!

Have a great weekend! 🙂




New design by Cameko!
“Shima” means “Stripe” in Japanese and pretty Polka dots is the one trendy pedi for this summer/autumn! Labender  purple, marmeid blue and funky silver, they all are OPI nail polishes but I forgot the actual names of it… Anyway, simple design but cute like a girl, fashionista with  the trend,  and feel like a lady with the accent jewerly!!

Weekend is almost there! Let’s get your pedi done!!! 😀






Here is my new design for my cousin called “ROSEMANTIC” which is a mixed word of “Rose” and “Romantic”! It’s like a day and night with full of romance and joy with good music, drinks and dancing!

Shiny pinky red polish with shiny pearly silver polish turned out to be a great match!!! As soon as I saw this happy pinky red color, I decided to use Rose design to creat a sexiness and classiness with a little girly fun! I put a lot of shiny glitters and pearl stones and designed a matching toes as well!
She’s very happy with the design and now ready for her summer vacation in Jamaica is all I wanted! Making girls happy with jewelry nails is my dream and goal! One step at the time but I stepped forward again!

It’s getting close to the end of summer in Canada so don’t miss out to enjoy being a girl with fashion!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! 😀




Hello! It’s been a while again… Joy of having a busy life! well, no matter how busy I am, I still wanna make my toes pretty and even weather is a little bit upset, I’d love to believe that summer is not done yet!
So here is my new design called “Piña Colada”!! Something summery and tropical is what I was craving for and finally did it! I love both colors Red and Yellow and couldn’t pick one so decided to use both as a point color which turned out to be amazing!!
Summer fashion, nails, hair… anything with summer can be over casual. But this summer, I’m trying to stay classy just to enjoy the age of 32 as a mature grown up woman.
The key of making tropical design classy is the Jewel! Not too big or too small Swarovski stone with gold ring for outline to make it look more luxury, and little shiny clear sparkles to get little gloss on it! Now I’m ready for this weekend!

Thanks for reading my blog!
If you’d like to see some more designs, you can also visit Cameko’s design room on Facebook!

Have a happy weekend everyone! 😀



Wow! Time flies! It’s been a while again!

So yes I prepared myself for this Canada day long weekend!! New design “HANA” by Caneko! “HANA” means Flower in Japanese, it’s just a perfect name for this floral summery girly design! Love the color! Love the design!

Get your toe nails ready for this beach season! Matching design for toes and hand nails is the BIG TREND!

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend everyone! 😀



Summer has come that means it’s the sandal time!! Showing off your toes without pretty pedicure?! NO WAY! Lets get your toes done and look fabulous is the only way to hide your laziness! But we all are busy and wanna have fun as long as sun is out… So here is what I recommend!

This top coat promises you to keep your pedi stay longer than ever and make them look shinier plus less cracks!!

Cameko’s new design “FREE SPIRIT” is for those ladies who want something unique and stylish with little summery motif like the hibiscus paint! It will be a perfect match with simple classy heel shoes♪

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Thank you!!

New week begins! Have a good week everyone! 😀




Summer has come in Canada!! Everyone must be so excited especially after the long long winter season.
So here is a new design called “SUNSHINE” that fits in your feelings♪
Yellow, Blue and gold with shells, stripe, swarovski stones and glitters!
More summery designs will come out soon so keep your eyes on my blog or Facebook page!! 🙂